Yorkshire Teacakes (1930)

For the January cook…

 This recipe is taken from “500 recipes” published by the Yorkshire Federation of Women’s Institutes, re-printed on the ‘Home Pages’ of WI membership magazine Home and Country.

 ‘This collection does justice to the reputation of the County for an endless variety of dainties for tea and should find a welcome in all homes. Some of the directions are rather vague and more careful editing would improve their value to the uninitiated.’ Editor

 Serves: 6-8


  •  ¾ lb flour
  • Ioz fat
  • 1 teaspoonful caster sugar
  • 1 gill milk (¼ pint)
  • ½ oz German yeast
  • 1 egg


1. Cream the sugar and the yeast

2. Melt the fat in the saucepan then add the milk and make lukewarm. Pour this onto the sugar and yeast

3. Pour the mixture through a strainer into the flour. Add the egg well beaten up and mix all well together.

4. Flour a board and turn the dough onto it

5. Knead the dough and cut into cakes

6. Place those in greased cake tins and stand by fire to rise for one hour. Bake in oven for quarter of an hour (I baked at 220C/425F/gas mark 7)

 Verdict: As the Editor notes, the rough method for this recipe requires a little creativity in the baking. I substituted a roaring fire for a hot oven top, though my mistake in using dried yeast meant these were not the thick, toasty snacks I’d imagined. Still, very tasty with butter, and easily spiced up with a handful of dried fruit or candied peel.

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  1. Hi Jessica, as someone who moved to Yorkshire from the south three years ago, I fully approve of this post and the blog looks fantastic. Well done! I love baking too and have a Facebook group called ‘The Wonder of Baking’ which is open to all if you fancy joining. I can post a link to your site too 🙂 happy baking Stella x

  2. Just wanted to say how much I like you blog. I love to cook and I am looking forward to sharing some of the American favorites…

  3. Hi, I know this is going to sound daft, but does anyone know why they call baps tea cakes in Yorkshire?? This is a genuine question as I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. Tea cakes traditionally have fruit in them yet these clearly don’t? They are normally known as floured baps..

  4. Cool post, do you mind if I link to it from my new blog/tea shop?
    Its called Lovely Tea Teas? Thanks in advance – Oliver aka Mr Tea

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