Stork Margarine is 90!


Images courtesy of Stork

A recent invitation to Stork Margarine’s 90th birthday party at the Good Housekeeping Institute came with a few surprises. In a fitting tribute to one of the most well-loved cooking ingredients to grace our fridges for close to a century, cookery icon Marguerite Patten and tv chef Phil Vickery led a baking masterclass with a difference.

Marguerite was only a small girl when the spread appeared as a branded margarine in the 1920’s. By 1939, it’d set up the ‘Stork Cookery Service’ ahead of rationing, advising housewives how to make the switch from butter to margarine for the tastiest and most economical pies and cakes for the family.

I must confess that, as a butter lover, I was pleasantly surprised with the results of margarine-binded cakes. A well-measured dollop of Stork did wonders for my batch of wild berry muffins, while my white chocolate cupcakes – featuring generous swirls of fresh raspberries – tasted as light as a feather.

Wild berry muffins rise to the occasion

Stay tuned for the next post – a Marguerite Patten special – featuring her very own Cider Crumble Cake, alongside her top tips for the perfect sponge. For delicious recipes using Stork, including cherry pie, creamy lime cheesecake and millionaire shortbread, click here. For now, I’ll leave you with these lovely old ads, documenting Stork through the ages.

 Happy baking…

The Stork Wives Club encouraged women to share their cooking know-how

For every Queen of Hearts

Stork goes 'continental'

It could only be the 70's


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  1. In cleaning out some of my mother in laws things, we came across an appliance that was acquired by saving up stamps from Stork Margarine. It is a cream emulsifier and it came with a small booklet and instructions on how it went together. Can anyone tell me how old this item is?

    • I also had one of those in around 1965. It did work, but don’t ask me how now.

  2. Hi Linda,
    The very nice people at Stork helped me out here! The emulsifier is The Ideal Cream Maker, first introduced around 1938, as part of the “Free Gift Scheme” for 72 tokens (1 token with every pound of Stork). The Gift Scheme was withdrawn in 1939 due to the War. A slightly different Ideal Cream Maker was reintroduced in 1955, as a promotion for The Stork Cookery Service.
    I hope this helps.


    • Hi, if you’re still about I have the Afrikaans version of this book “Bak sonder flaters” and could give you the recipe.

  4. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for visiting the Cake-spot! I have been in contact with Stork but sadly there are no spares. I’ll keep trying x

  5. Hi

    I still have a copy the fronts missing of the Feed the Family booklet. How old is this, our family favourite was and still is Mexican Coffee cake so much so that i always have a bottle of Camp Coffee in the cupboard. Will be making it shortly when my sister comes for a visit/

    Your sincerely
    Angela Beech

  6. I worked for Unilever 50 years ago and used Stork cookery books. Sadly all lost now. I loved their recipe for apple loaf. You just cut the apples into the dough mix, but can’t find the recipe anywhere. I’d be delighted if anyone still has the recipe and could post it online.

  7. Hi Molly,
    Would that be the German Apple Cake you were remembering? I have the recipe in the ‘Stork Goes Continental’ booklet. My mother gave me some of the Stork Cookery Service recipe books from her pre-married years in the Stork Wives Club, including a turquoise folder.

    • I’d love a copy of the apple loaf recipe. Could you email it to me? would this be allowed?
      A bit new at online stuff , any help would be welcome.I’ll check back later.

  8. Oh, Molly, there’s also a Clove and Apple Bread – a variation of the Spiced Plum Bread – which is baked in a 2lb bread tin. That’s from the ‘Feeding the Family’ booklet. Actually, it sounds more like the recipe you’re seeking.

  9. Thank you Liz!

  10. Re the cream emulsifier:

    I recall being shown a device that fitted on top of a Kenwood chef machine, way back in my Home Economics classes in the 70’s. You put in a specific quantity of butter(or margerine in this case) and milk and out came ready to use “cream”.

  11. Years ago I had a Stork Patry cook book but sadly it’s now lost. I would love to find a copy of it again. I would love to hear from anyone who may have a copy. It was hard back, black cover with a picture of (i think) a fruit puff of fruit and pastry on the front cover. It was a slim book and was recipes for all types of pastry.

    Thank you

  12. I would love a copy of the recipe for the mexican coffee cake. My mum made it regularly in the 1970’s and it was always a great hit. Can anyone help?

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